Self-correcting LLM-controlled Diffusion Models

CVPR 2024

UC Berkeley
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TL;DR: The Self-correcting LLM-controlled Diffusion (SLD) Framework features:
  1. Self-correction: Enhances generative models with LLM-integrated detectors for precise text-to-image alignment.
  2. Unified Generation and Editing: Excels at both image generation and fine-grained editing.
  3. Universal Compatibility: Works with ANY image generator, like DALL-E 3, requiring no extra training or data.

Self-correcting LLM-conrolled Diffusion Models (SLD)

SLD enhances text-to-image alignment through an iterative self-correction process. It begins with LLM-driven object detection, and subsequently performs LLM-controlled analysis and training-free correction.

SLD Unifies Image Generation and Editing!

Visualizations: Correcting Various Generative Models

SLD improves text-to-image alignment in models like SDXL, LMD+, and DALL-E 3. The first row shows SLD's precision in placing a blue bicycle between a bench and palm tree, with an accurate count of palm trees and seagulls. The second row demonstrates SLD's efficacy in complex scenes, preventing object collision with training-free latent operations.

Visualizations: Complex Object-level Editing

SLD can handle a diverse array of image editing tasks guided by natural, human-like instructions. Its capabilities span from adjusting object counts to altering object attributes, positions, and sizes.


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Credit: The design of this project page references the project pages of LVD, LMD, NeRF, DeepMotionEditing, and LERF.